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Alex Liu

Senior Accountant, CPA

Alex graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Economics (2nd Class Upper) and joined ML TAX SOLUTIONS in May 2021 as an accountant. Before moving to Australia, Alex worked in the United Overseas Bank, one of the Big Four banks in Singapore for over 2 years. Alex is competent professional bolstered by a solid international background (Australia, China & Singapore) spanning many years within highis learning institutions (Accounting/ Economic) and financial & accounting industry (Accounting / Financial).


Since joining ML TAX SOLUTION, Alex has been responsible for collecting financial data and analysing the data in order to prepare for the financial statements; generating financial reports and assuring they are in compliance with Accounting Standard; completing tax requirements including BAS, Tax Returns and GST Reporting; investigating and reconciling the client’s financial discrepancies. In addition, Alex is responsible for completing individual tax returns or assisting senior accountants to complete BAS or company tax form. Alex has always been customer-oriented and hopes to use his own professional and good service attitude to help customers solve problems.


For this particular period in 2021, Alex is also responsible for applying for different types of government grants for clients. During this period, Alex practiced his client-centred ideas and worked hard to analyse and prepare suitable government grant applications for each client. Alex also expressed his understanding of the difficult situation of his clients and did his best to apply for the appropriate subsidy for each client. On several occasions, Alex was willing to accommodate clients’ time by working overtime to complete application forms before the deadline when the government grants were about to end.

Alex Liu

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