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Welcome to ML Tax Solutions, We are proud to offer the following range of services to our clients.

Business Registration

You just bought a $100K brand new Mercedes in your company’s name. You’ve provided your quarterly accounts to your accountant and are expecting a big GST refund, but instead, an email from your accountant says you have to register for FBT plus you need to provide the logbook % of the car. You can only claim GST and depreciation up to the car limit of $59,136, and worse still, your company has to pay 47% of FBT on the private use of the car. 

You bought the perfect block for redevelopment with your family trust. You’ve done all the calculations and within 18 -24 months you will turn a big profit. Skip 18 months ahead and a surprise letter from the state revenue office asks you to pay an extra 8% of stamp duty plus interest. Your family trust did not exclude any non-residents! 

How many times has your excitement turned into bewilderment and shock? Don’t just treat business registration as a simple process of filling in forms! Consider it part of the business planning.

At ML Tax Solution, we believe that careful pre-planning is an essential start of any business or investment success journey. Which structure suits me best? Do I need to register for GST? Can I cancel my GST? Can I transfer my shares to my partner?

Ask us! We are your supportive and willing business and taxation advisors.

Business Accounting

You just bought your first business and now you’re your own boss! You are anxious because although you make the best coffee and the most delicious meals, you have no idea how to deal with all the paperwork and compliance forms. What is STP? How do I pay super for the staff? What is BAS? How do I prepare a cash flow budget to give it to the finance company?

Your online sales have achieved double digit growth! You are anxious because foreign exchange has gone against you for the goods you have imported from overseas and you are looking for extra suppliers who can provide better services and prices. Why am I turning a profit and yet still finding myself short of cash? Where can I find better connections from overseas? Why? Where?

How many times has your eagerness turned into anxieties? And who do you seek help from? At ML Tax Solution we believe ongoing mentorship and timely monitoring are the essential force to power your way to success. We are not only here to help you to set up your accounting systems, to provide book-keeping services if required and to prepare financial statements and tax returns. We can also help with all the what, how, why and where.

Taxation Service

ATO audit

BAS reporting

R&D tax incentives

SMSF accounts and tax reporting

Tax returns for business & individual

Tax planning & advice – Weekly Articles

Your business is profitable after you have burnt all these years’ midnight oil. You are anxious because you never stop ruminating about growth and wealth. What is the best, tax effective way to grow your business? How are you going to provide a better after-tax return to your family? 
You are excited because you finally got a pay rise after working very hard! You are anxious because your after-tax pay increase never seems to catch up with your expectation and your spending. How are you going to earn more money when you can only work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week?

How often has your elation transformed into worries? People say there are only two things in life that are certain – death and taxes. At ML Tax Solution we say there are two things that matter most in life – health and planning. We believe that hard work, smart investments and rigorous tax planning are the keys to help your business and family wealth last longer and healthier. We are here to build a life-long relationship with you, to provide you with the latest tax changes and trend support, to give you the careful and insightful business planning and to make your life more enjoyable.

International Clients

Business migration tax planning & reporting

Overseas investor tax planning & reporting

Special reports preparation for overseas head office

You are excited because you have just come to live and to invest in this beautiful country. You are anxious because everything here is so new to you. What sort of taxes do I have to pay here?! How do I make sure my business and investments meet the Australian government’s requirements?! Do I have to pay tax on my overseas income?!
You are excited because you plan to expand your business internationally and Australia is a strategic place for you to set up your subsidiary company. You are nervous because the Australian tax and business environment are quite different from your own country. What sort of Australian rules and regulations do I need to follow?! How do I make sure my Australian accounting and tax system communicate efficiently with the overseas’ head office?!

How many times these anxieties have kept you awake all night? At ML Tax Solution, we completely understand the cultural and business shock you may have experienced. We are here to walk by your side and guide you through by providing advice on every aspect of the problems you may have encountered, from how to apply for a tax file number to how to prepare for an audit! We are here to help your international investment and business grow more profitable.

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