Nigel Wang

MSC (MBF), BBA (Accounting)

Nigel joined ML Tax Solution in 2015 after graduating from University of York (UK) with Master of Science (Management with Business Finance). Before his journey to the UK, Nigel obtained his bachelor’s degree in China with Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting). Nigel is an associate member of CPA, and currently undertaking his further education with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to further develop his knowledge in accounting and taxation.

Nigel has gained a strong understanding of various complex accounting matters and tax issues throughout his career. Nigel shows his great enthusiasm in customer orientation and great attention to detail in his work through providing accurate accounting services and effective tax strategies to his clients.

Aside from being passionate about his clients, Nigel is a big fun of Kendo, a Japanese martial art descended from swordsmanship. He regularly practises Kendo in local dojo (martial arts practicing hall/club) after work build up his positive spirit, relax his bodies and gain emotional calm and confidence. Nigel also enjoys travelling with his wife for immersing themselves into different cultures or exploring the nature.

Nigel Wang

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